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Fairbanks Nijhuis

Marine Fire Fighting

Pentair's Fire protection line offers a range of Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis pumps for installation on board firefighting vessels. The pumps are specially constructed in accordance with the latest class I, II and III FIFI requirements with certification according to Lloyd’s, ABS, BV, DNV and others.


HGTF set for marine fire fighting


  • FIFI class I, II, III
  • Capacity up to 5000 m3/h (22.000 GPM)
  • Head up to 200 MWC (656 feet)
  • Pressure from 3 to 20 bar
  • Special configurations on request
  • Several casting materials
  • Pumps certified by Lloyd’s, ABS, BV, DNV, etc

functional description

Fairbanks Nijhuis Fire protection program is specifically designed for this application, resulting in good performance, compact design and reaching t minimum space requirements.

End suction pump for FIFI
The end suction pump is a heavy constructed centrifugal pump. Some of the bigger types can be deliverd c.w. as well as c.c.w. rotation.

Split case pump for FIFI
The split case pumps can be delivered in horizontal construction. The bigger types can also be delivered in horizontal and vertical inline design or suction/ discharge in 90 degree design. All pumps are available in c.w or c.w.w. rotation.

Casing materials
These pumps are available with the following casing materials:

Nodular Cast iron GGG 50 -0.7050
Nodular Niresist D2B -0.7661
Bronze 88/10/2 -2.1086
Bronze 90/10/ -2.1050
Nickel Aluminium Bronze -2.0975


End Suction Pump

  •  Capacity: 200 m3/h – 1500 m3/h (880-6600 GPM)
  •  Total head up to: 200 MCW (656 feet)

Split Case Pump

  •  Capacity: 500 m3/h to 5000 m3/h (2200-22.000 GPM)
  •  Total head up to: 200 MCW (656 feet)