Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis offers a broad range of solutions that effectively and efficiently move fluids for the power industry. From cooling towers, boiler feed, ash sluice, to river water intake applications and much more. Our distinctive products, market leadership, excellent customer service and longevity in the industry are all a result of the quality and dedication of our personnel. Our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards, are extremely efficient and highly reliable.

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circulating water pumps

Vertical Mixed and Axial Flow Propeller pumps are designed for moderate to high volume fluid movement form moderate to low discharge pressures, both product lines have excellent low NPHS requirements and are only separated by the amount of head or pressure to be developed. The advantage of mixed flow pumps include minimum footprint, no priming required. In addition, vertical mixed flow pumps are easily adaptable to various design codes, can be modified for changing hydraulic conditions, and generally experience less wear due to the lower operating speeds they require. Vertical axial flow propeller pump applications are found in a variety of markets including urban and rural municipal water, government, industrial, irrigation and more.

boiler feed pumps

The 7600 series turbine pump is a multistage, horizontal, radially split pump for high pressure service. With 30-50% fewer stages, 10+ point higher efficiencies allowing for the use of smaller motors and less power consumption and available pressures up to 2000psi (1400 mlc). The 7600 series maximizes cost containment and other operational efficiencies for the user.

fire water pumps

The Fairbanks Nijhuis line of products are world leader in UL/FM, NFPA 20 fire pumps in the world. Vertical turbine, horizontal spilt-case, vertically mounted split case, inline and end suction labeled fire pumps are available.

cooling tower pumps

Pentair’s tradition as a leader in vertical turbine and spilt-case pumps continues with the rugged and heavy duty vertical turbine and splitcase pump products designed to successfully operate in a multitude of water sources such as raw water intake, liquid transfer, cooling water circulation, booster service, storm water, flood control, marine, process services, volatile fluids. Condensate, fuel pumps and mine dewatering.

ash sluice pumps

Pumping fly ash in water suspension is tough duty for a pump. Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis’ 4500/4600/4700 series high chrome iron, recessed impeller pumps are up to the task. They can also be used in other abrasive services which require a 600+ Brinell Hardness to resist wear and premature failure.

raw water intake pumps

Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis’ lines of products have extensive experience in both vertical turbine and horizontal split-case pumps in raw water intake services. High reliability and rugged construction maximize service life while high efficiencies reduce power consumption.

condensate and heater drain pumps

Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis’ vertical pumps are up to the task of pumping hot condensate efficiently and reliability. Broad material selection is based on properties of the condensate. Low NPSHA impellers are available on many sizes to minimize installation costs and suction vessel length.

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