Pump type

Fish friendly pump


30.000 m3 per hour (each)


1,2 mlc


136 rpm

pumping station c. mantel

Pumping station C. Mantel is a new pumping station at the ‘Markermeer’ side of the working area of the water authority and ensures a stable water level in the largest part of the province North Holland. In order to allow a more rapid drainage of rainwater, Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis supplied four fish-friendly pumps. In terms of capacity and size they are the largest fish-friendly pumps we have produced so far.

Remarkable is that, the pumps are interchangeable. In addition, one of the pumps is reversible, so it can also be used in dry periods, in order to pump water back to the polder. We also used a new anti-fouling coating for these pumps. This coating has a very hard top which makes it almost impossible for cockles to attach to the pump. This has a favorable influence on the performance and service life of the pumps.

Pumping station C. Mantel

impression of pumping station C. Mantel

Technical data

  •  Pump type: HPFM1-1800.340
  •  Capacity: 30.000 m3 per hour (each)
  •  Speed: 136 rpm of Head: 1,2mlc
  •  Propeller diameter: 1800mm
  •  Power: 110 kW
  •  Efficiency: 82,5 %



  •  Horizontal pump results into low building.
  •  Easy maintenance by lifting the pump for inspection.
  •  Low speed results into long lifetime.
  •  Fish friendly