overview of innovations

Engineering, research and development are the heart and soul of our company. The Pentair branch in Winterswijk (The Netherlands) is continuously looking into new opportunities and innovations. We exceed expectations with our innovative technology, even in the most challenging conditions, all around the world.

Overview of innovations

2009: BiFlow antiheeling pump
The BiFlow pump is a bi-directional, in-line ballast / anti-heeling pump. This pump is specially designed for the transport of large amounts of ballast water, where space requirements and piping must be reduced to a minimum to ensure a high system efficiency.
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2010: Fish friendly pump
The patented Fish friendly pump allows 100 percent of the eels and at least 97 percent of the fish to get through a pumping station unscathed. The pump was developed in response to the adverse effects of conventional pumps in pumping stations on the fish stock.
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2013: Fish friendly turbine
The Fish friendly turbine offers a solution to the ecological problem of fish mortality caused by migration through turbines of hydro‐electric power stations.
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2015: Bi-directional tidal turbine
The Bi-directional turbine offers the best solution to harness energy from tidal streams in a dam type construction. The patented and proven fish friendly design features a speed controlled direct drive, a permanent magnet generator and a fully reversible impeller to maintain optimal performance in both flow directions during a complete tidal cycle.
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