Our customers benefit from:

  •  Reduced energy consumption
  •  Less environmental impact
  •  Low operating costs
  •  Extended service life and durability 
  •  Low vibration and noise levels
  •  Upgrading of existing pumps 
  •  Low footprint

Design modification can range from minor changes like reshaping the impeller, to a dedicated pump design for a specific application. The vast experience and engineering expertise as well as advanced design software available at Pentair, ensure that new custom designs are developed in an expedient way. Hydraulic performance can be accurately predicted and designs are subjected to structural analysis. Design verification occurs in our test facility. For very large pumps, either a scale model test is performed or extensive on-site measurements can be conducted using our calibrated instrumentation. In addition, external testing and certification authorities can be selected to execute the testing. Consider a customized solution as a valuable and sustainable option when selecting your pumps.