water treatment

Fairbanks Nijhuis pumps fulfill an important role in watersupply, waterintake, collection, distribution and transmission. Transport from wet to dry areas, protection against floods and in the process of ‘raw to potable’ and ‘salt to fresh’ water. Fairbanks Nijhuis delivers a wide range of pumps, tailor-made, high efficient and low maintenance requirements.

water supply

The local availability of potable water and protection against flood water is vitally important for every individual, company and country. This is where the pumps of Fairbanks Nijhuis fulfill an important role: water transport from wet to dry areas, protection against floods, and in the process of "raw to potable" and "salt to fresh" water. Fairbanks Nijhuis leads in innovative pump design, and focuses on the pumping system as a function of the operating process as a whole. Thus we develop tailor-made pumps with the highest achievable efficiencies.

water intakeĀ  / collection

Sea water and fresh water are usually the sources for water supply. Fairbanks Nijhuis delivers suitable pump solutions that draw the water from these sources and pump it into the applicable system. In addition, the corrosive nature of sea water, in all its variations, requires products that are wear and tear resistant. Fairbanks Nijhuis has the specific knowledge for selecting pump materials that have appropriate specifications and thus keep the maintenance requirements low.

water distribution / transmission

Water availability is of major importance for nature, human and industrial use. Fairbanks Nijhuis provides pumps to help with the distribution of water against minimum power consumption and highest equipment availability rate, which results in the lowest TCO.

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