Pressure Management

Fairbanks Nijhuis provides solutions designed to meet the ever-increasing needs and complexity of today’s fresh water systems. Pressure management is needed in a wide range of building types and applications ranging from high rises, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, to other commercial, industrial and municipal locations.

These systems do everything from making sure that every shower in a hotel has the same water pressure to maintaining the required pressure at a home in a municipality.

Systems today have evolved from simply turning extra pumps on to add pressure to being advanced systems that not only provide constant flow and pressure, but also managing the pumps to make sure they are being run at their most efficient points to provide a sustainable solution that consumes the least amount of energy possible. Fairbanks Nijhuis accomplishes this complicated task through a system that offers a state of the art combination of Variable Frequency Drives, and a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with a Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) Loop to stage multiple pumps based on pressure and flow needs of the application.

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