oil and gas

For oil platforms, floating refineries / barges, jetties and FPSO (Floating Production Storage & Offloading) continuity of operation is of vital importance. Fairbanks Nijhuis offers products and packages meeting the highest class of internationally recognized standards and/or specific customer requirements. Intensive service and regular maintenance ensure that the pumps operate with minimum downtime.

onshore applications

From discovery to delivery, Pentair helps you make your process safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly by providing a versatile line of pumps for onshore applications, helping solve your onshore pumping needs. From reciprocating pumps, horizontal split case and process pumps we have the solutions to fit your needs.

offshore and marine applications

Offshore oil and gas production place full trust on quality pumps to perform. Proven performance is what we provide. Our industrial vertical inline, horizontal split-case, vertical turbine pumps provide quality solutions for your needs. Years of field proven performance can attribute to our continued success and ability to provide the industry with some of the best pumps available for use in the offshore applications.

fire protection pumps

Pentair offers a complete line of pumps to meet your fire protection needs: end suction, vertical inline, horizontal split-case, vertical split-case and vertical turbine pumps. Offering both electric and diesel drives, we can also supply complete packaged systems to custom fit your requirements. All fire pumps and packages are built to NFPA 20 and NEC standards with UL Listed/FM approved components.

production applications

Pentair has a pump solution when it comes to your oil and gas production needs. From lifting sea water, to utility functions, to safety and fire protection we have covered. Decades of continuing quality form some of the most trusted brands in the industrial pump industry. Pentair provides a variety of performance proven pumps designed for oil field, upstream and downstream facilities. These include high capacity vertical turbine and horizontal split-case pumps for transfer services, high pressure water injection services and all miscellaneous production related services.

Pentair logo

As part of its separation into a new pure play water company, a new Pentair website has launched. Please visit the new Pentair.com to learn more about our exciting new company and your favorite brands!